1 juni 2014

At the end of this month, Plusminus will rock again at the Struukenfest which of course will take place at the Erkemederstrand in Zeewolde. This time we will break the silence in a hard way on the normally quiet beach on Saturday the 28th of June.


Februari 2nd 2014

Website update! Pictures of our gig in Muziekpodium Estrado are put on-line and can of course be found by clicking on the link "Pictures". And as you may expect, at the moment we are rehearsing a few (hard)rock classics. These will be added to our songlist in the course of the time.


November 3rd 2013

A major update have been taken place! Lots of pictures have been added! And since a few days, Plusminus can also be found on Facebook


October 29th 2013

Monsters of Rock


Augustus 16th 2013

On Saturday, November the 30th we're gonna make Estrado in Harderwijk unsafe again with our pure hardrock! Plusminus shares the stage with the tribute bands KISS Lickss and Somewhere On Stage. The happening is called "Monsters of Rock"


April 3rd 2013

On Saturday April the 27th we will rock very hard at a little festival called Peco Rock in the village of Teuge!


January 17th 2013

Again another gig hasbeen confirmed. We're goning to rawk hard again in Overijssel at April the 6th, and this time our target is MC Genemuiden where a happening with sidecars of BasicSidecars, will take place too.


December 1st 2012

Our first gig of 2013 is confirmed. A positive thing is, that we do more further away from our hometown. At the 5th of January we're going to do a in Zeelandic Flanders at MVC Rattlesnakes


September 5th 2012

Another gig has been confirmed. This time we're gonna make South Holland unsafe, with our pure solid hardrock. This will take place at December the 1st in Café The Game in Rozenburg.


June 18th 2012

Pictures of our gig in Warnsveld of the 28th of April are on-line and can be found by clicking on the button "Pictures". This time the pictures are taken by Wim de Vos and Erica Klein. Wim and Erica, thanks for taking these great pictures!


June 6th 2012

Again two gigs are confirmed. Next Friday, on the 8th of June, we have a "last-minute" gig in Bar-Dancing Down-Town in Harderwijk during local festivities which are called "Aaltjesdagen". And on July the 14th we are going to rock very hard at MC Monastery Hill in Kloosterhaar

Rock 'em All


May 11th 2012

On Saturday October the 13th Plusminus will rock at the second edition of Oktoberrockfest in Steenwijkerwold. And on Saturday the 16th of June, Plusminus will play their first gig at a company party. Rock on!


April 12th 2012

Rock 'em All


March 19th 2012

On Saturday April 28th Plusminus will rock steady at Zalencentrum De Pauw in Warnsveld


March 8th 2012

Rock 'em All


March 7th 2012

Rock 'em All


February 20th 2012

Rock 'em All


Janauary 25th 2012

Another gig in April! On Saturday April the 14th we are going to rawk steady at Rockparty Rock 'em All in Kloosterhaar with Motörhead Tribute band Snaggletoöth and with Volbeat Tribute band Volbeer


December 29th 2011

In 2012 we are going to rawk at Café De Steen in a village called Willemsoord at the 21st of April with Metallica Tribute band Damaged Justice en Sexession


October 29th 2011

Pictures of our gig of September 30th at the Havenrock Pre-Party in de Davo Panden, Deventer are on-line and can be found at the link Pictures. This time, the pictures are taken by Miranda Kerpel. Miranda thanks for taking these pictures!


August 10th 2011



June 2nd 2011

Plusminus is gonna rawk at the Pre-party of Havenrock on the 30th of September at the Davo Panden in Deventer together with Motörhead tribute band Snaggletoöth


April 15th 2011

Pictures of our gig of April the 9th during Triple Rock III in Estrado, Harderwijk are on-line and can be found by clicking on the link Pictures. This time the pictures are taken by Heleen van Tol. Heleen thanks a lot for taking these! Also another video has been uploaded from the forementioned gig.


April 13th 2011

Two new videos from our gig at the 9th of April in Estrado, Harderwijk are up-loaded. Check these via the link Videos. Many thanks goes out to Stefan Belgers for these recordings!


February 11th 2011

Plusminus is gonna rock Estrado in Harderwijk again with some solid Hardrawk! Again, Black Bottle Riot from Nijmegen (Rock City) will rock again. From the region Everbreak will perform as well too. Plusminus will probably play a few new tunes on the 9th of april. So Be there!


September 21th 2010

On the 23rd of October, Plusminus will rock at a private party!


August 7th 2010

A few special pictures which have more or less something to do with Plusminus can be found in the section "Pictures". Have fun!


June 20th 2010

Pictures of our gig at Partycentrum De anker are put on-line, and can be found in the section "Pictures". Again thanks again to Elsabijn for providing those.


April 14th 2010

On Sunday April 18th we have a last-minute gig! This gig will take place at Partycentrum "De Anker" which is located at Camping "De Scheepsbel", Klaterweg 9, 8085 SB, Doornspijk. Our gig starts at 15:30. The Lapdog Bluesband will also play live, and they will start at 18:00. So Peter will be very busy again!


March 16th 2010

Pictures of our gig at Triple Rock II, are put on-line, and can be found in the section "Pictures". Thanks again to Elsabijn for providing those.


February 20th 2010

A new YouTube video has been added. It's our version of Blitzkrieg Bop, which we played at motorclub De Zwervers. Thanks to Eddie for providing this one! Furthermore, another gig has been confirmed! PLUSMINUS will rock in Nieuwleusen, at MC De Zweef.


February 13th 2010

Triple Rock II


January 24th 2010

On Saturday the 13th of March, PLUSMINUS will rock hard on the mainstage of Estrado in Harderwijk. PLUSMINUS will be supporting Black Bottle Riot and Monsters of Pop. Since today, our YouTube videos from our gig at the Aaltjesdagen in Harderwijk are available on this site. They were already on-line on Youtube for a while, but now you can watch them by clicking on the link "Videos".


December 17th 2009

The year 2009 is almost over, and already we have two gigs gigs confirmed for 2010. PLUSMINUS will rock on Saturday the 6th of February at De Zwervers in Kampen. And on Saturday, the 13th of February, PLUSMINUS will rock hard in De Oranjerie in Wijhe.

Flyer Zwervers


December 6th 2009

Pictures of our gig at Molestfest, are put on-line, and can be found in the section "Pictures". Thanks to Elsabijn for providing those.

November 8th 2009

Poster Molestfest


September 21st 2009

On Saturday the 17th of October, PLUSMINUS will rock hard in Café Bar Subcity in Harderwijk. The address is: Achterste Wei 1B 3844 HR Harderwijk.

September 6th 2009

On Saturday the 14th of November, PLUSMINUS will rock again in Plaza, Ermelo. This time it is together with the (old school) death metal band Khaoz.


August 22nd 2009

We added two songs to our songlist, namely "Sharp Dressed Man" from ZZ Top, and "Deurdonderen" from a dutch rockband called Normaal (which means ordinary or normal). And today we have a first! PLUSMINUS will rock for the first time in their career on a wedding-party!


June 30th 2009

On Friday the 25th of September, Harderwijk will be rocked again by Plusminus together with Art of Premonition. The event will take place in Rockcafé 't Koetje. The address is Vijhestraat 1 in Harderwijk. Furthermore, Plusminus will take the province of North Brabant by storm at MRC De Versleten Gaskabel in Oostelbeers.


June 21st 2009

A few more pictures of our gig at the Aaltjesdagen Rockfestival can be found at the following link: Aaltjesdagen Rockfestival.


June 17th 2009

More pictures of our gig at the Aaltjesdagen Rockfestival are on-line. They can be found by clicking on the link Pictures. These pictures are taken by Wilma Hoogendoorn of The Dutch Hammerheads. Wilma, thanks a lot for taking them!


June 14th 2009

Pictures of our gig at the rockfestival of the Aaltjesdagen in Harderwijk can be watched over HERE. And again we thank Elsabijn for taking these pictures.


April 16th 2009

PLUSMINUS is going to rock at the tentfeest on the Stille Wei in Harderwijk. This will take place on Friday the 12th of June. Other bands will be on the bill as well, and one of them is Black Top. Furthermore, we have chosen a lot of of new rocksongs to cover, so you can expect that a few of them will be added to our songlist during the next few months.

March 1st 2009

On Friday the 3rd of April, PLUSMINUS will rock again in Plaza, Ermelo. Other bands on the bill, are Lapdog Bluesband and the metalband Morioni. Peter has a busy schedule again that evening, 'cause besides playing with PLUSMINUS, he also has to play with the Lapdog Bluesband.

January 31st 2009

On Friday the 13th (!) of March, AC/DC will play a sold-out gig in Ahoy, Rotterdam, The Netherlands. For the ones who couldn't get a ticket, or for those who can't get enough of the music of AC/DC, the venue Estrado in Harderwijk organises an AC/DC afterparty on the next day, Saturday the 14th of March. Of course PLUSMINUS is invited to rock that evening, together with I See The Sea, a belgian AC/DC tribute band.

December 24th 2008

It took a while, but finally we managed to get another song on-line. Besides "Cold Gin" from KISS, is our version of "Jailbreak" from AC/DC on-line now. PLUSMINUS wishes everyone Rocking holidays!

December 16th 2008

Next Saturday, there will be some rocking again! Everyone is welcome at 21:00. The entrance is free! Location: "De Oude Deel", Stationsstraat 125, Putten. Free entrance, some raw and unpolished rock music and the possibility to go by train, instead of going by car. Which are all ingredients to have a great party with us! C U There!

November 27th 2008

Plusminus will rock again with maximum strength! This time the village of Putten will be taken by storm. The gig will take place at "De Oude Deel" which is next to the train station of Putten, which means that no one needs to come by car, and can have few drinks more.

October 14th 2008

Another song has been added to our songlist. The song is "Wild Flower" from The Cult.


September 14th 2008

Pictures of our gig at the Chopperclub in Zaandam are on-line, and this time we would like to thank Xander for taking them.

July 30th 2008

Plusminus will rock again, which will already happen next Saturday the 2nd of August and will take place at the Chopperclub in Zaandam. Address: Sluispolderweg 37. The show will start around 20:00. Pictures of the Struukenfest are on-line, and of course we like to thank Elsabijn again for taking them.

June 5th 2008

The van of our driver Xander (also our ex-drummer) is featured as "bandvehicle of the month" in a dutch music magazine called "Music Maker". Yesterday, we rocked at Soos Mentis in Ermelo, which was a lot of fun with the great audience! Today, pictures of the jam session from Estrado have been put on-line.

May 21th 2008

Another gig has been confirmed, and this time we will rock on Wednesday the 4th of June at Soos Mentis. Showtime: 23:00h.

May 17th 2008

Plusminus is asked to perform at a jamsession in Estrado, Harderwijk, which will take place next week on Sunday the 25th of May. Plusminus will perform a few songs. Don't be surprised if one or more Plusminus members will jam with other musicians.

May 13th 2008

Another gig has been confirmed, and this time we will rock on Friday the 27th of June at the Struukenfest 2008, at MC De Struukenduukers. More info:   Link to Poster

April 30th 2008

A new MP3 of Plusminus on-line! Last year we already recorded some material, but we were not really satisfied with it, so we recently started new recordings. The first MP3 of this recording session can be found at the link "MP3". There you can find our version of "Cold Gin". The songs "Blitzkrieg Bop" and "Whiskey in the Jar" are not on-line anymore, but there will be new versions on-line soon.


April 23rd 2008

We've added another great song to our songlist. The song is "Rock and Roll" from Led Zeppelin


April 12th 2008

On behalf of all the bands, thanks for the massive attendance in Plaza! What a great Rock and Roll party! Pictures of this gig can be found at the link "Pictures", of course. And these pix have been taken by Elsabijn again! Thanks a lot Elsabijn! Furthermore, we can mention that we've expanded our songlist with "Shot Down in Flames" from AC/DC, and "Don't Believe a Word" from Thin Lizzy. We are also busy making recordings again.


February 24th 2008

We had a great time rocking in Estrado! Pictures of this gig can be found at the link "Pictures" and these pix have been taken by Elsabijn. Thanks a lot Elsabijn! You can also find some pictures of us at where you have to click on the link Estrado Rock.


January 12th 2008

We got two gigs confirmed again! On Sunday February 17th, we will play in Estrado in Harderwijk with Vengeance, Roadkill and Joe Stump. On Saturday March 29th we will play in Plaza in Ermelo again, with the Lapdog Bluesband, Sublustris and the German band Paranoize. This will be an evening with different music styles. Arie, Chiel and Peter will get busy, because they have to play twice.


October 26th 2007

PLUSMINUS is gonna rock again! This time they're going to be dangerous in the middle of a dutch area in The Netherlands called "De Veluwe". We're going to do a gig in a café called "Het Wapen van Harskamp" (in english it means "The arms of Harskamp"), in Harskamp. This event will take place on Saturday the 15th of december, and some new songs will be performed. Come to see PLUSMINUS in Harskamp, if you like hard(rock)!


September 21st 2007

The holidays are a little while ago, and PLUSMINUS is busy again. We are working on a few new great songs, and meanwhile one of them is added to our songlist, which is "Big Toy" by the dutch band Peter Pan Speedrock. This song definitely kicks ass! Besides "Big Toy" we are working on other songs as well, and the next song will probably be another great song of Thin Lizzy.

June 6th 2007

We added two great songs to our songlist again. The songs are "Jailbreak" from AC/DC and "Iron Man" from Black Sabbath. During the coming period, the site will improve a little again which means that the site is basically under constant construction.

June 2nd 2007

Pictures of our great gig in Plaza Ermelo, are put on-line, and can be found in the section "Pictures". Thanks to Paul and Elsabijn for providing those. Regular visitors of this site will notice that the "Pictures" page underwent a transition. In addition to the new pictures, older pictures of our gig in Barneveld are added as well.

May 10th 2007

May 1st 2007

We added another song on-line, and this time it's our version of "Whiskey in the Jar". Peter does the lead guitar in this song, while Erik is handling the "acoustic" guitar. We will add more songs on-line in the upcoming period, so check our website on a regular basis. The versions of the songs which are on-line now, are not the final versions, but we feel that they are good enough as a foretaste.

April 30th 2007

Another gig has been confirmed!!! PLUSMINUS will rock in Plaza, Ermelo again, on Friday the 25th of May. This gig has been organised by Noord Geldersch Metaal. Regular visitors may notice that the website had some minor changes.

April 18th 2007

For those who never heard PLUSMINUS before, or never heard PLUSMINUS with Arie on vocals, there's finally some music of PLUSMINUS on-line! Last Sunday we made some recordings, of which you can hear a foretaste of "Blitzkrieg Bop", which can be found at the link MP3. The recordings of this song went very well, and an interesting detail is, that Alex does the backing vocals. We are busy recording, so keep checking this site, 'cause we will put more songs on-line during the next few months, after we are completely satisfied with the recordings of it. PLUSMINUS ROCKS!!!

March 27th 2007

Pictures added from our gig on February 9th 2007 at M.C. Dirty Damned, Wijchen. Thanks to Paul van Dalen for the pictures.

March 20th 2007

Photos are added from our great gig in Café Midtown in Deventer. More Photos can be found on the website of Café Midtown. For those interested, there are some Plusminus T-shirts left, and they only cost €10,- which even includes a free Plusminus lighter! Furthermore we can mention that we are working on expanding our songlist.

February 1st 2007

Another gig of Plusminus in 2007 is confirmed !!! This gig will be our first gig this year, and it will take place on Friday 9th March in "Dirty Damned" in Wijchen. Plusminus will rock together with the Lapdog Bluesband, which is, as some people know, the other band of Peter. So Peter will be very busy that evening. The entrance damage is €15,- but for that amount of money, you'll get snacks, free drinks and two great live bands. Now that's a bargain, and also a damn good reason to come to Wijchen to see Plusminus and the Lapdog Bluesband.

January 20th 2007

The first gig of Plusminus in 2007 is confirmed. On Friday 16th March, we're going to rock Café Midtown in Deventer. We'll probably perform some songs which we haven't played live before. Now that's a damn good reason to come to Deventer for an evening of pure raw and unpolished hardrock!!! The site has a little update again as well, 'cause the link "Gigs" has been added. Check this link on a regular basis to see if we have some new gigs.

January 16th 2007

Site update. Pictures added from our gig on October 27th 2006 at Plaza, Ermelo. Thanks to Paul van Dalen for the pictures.

January 14th 2007

In our archives we found a few cool pictures from our gig at De Mac, Harderwijk. Those have been added.

January 12th 2007

Site update. is besides in dutch, also in the english language again.

January 10th 2007

Some visitors may already have noticed some changes on this site. Added is the section "Songlist" for people who are interested to see what songs we play with Plusminus. A few links have been added as well, and some minor changes occurred, just to make this site look better. During the next few weeks, more little changes will take place. Plusminus is also trying to get more gigs. These gigs can soon be found in a future section called "gigs". So check this site on a regular basis!

January 1st 2007

Plusminus wishes you a ROCKING 2007. What some people already knew, Marc had to leave the band due to lack of time, and is replaced by Arie Kampman from Sublustris and Art of Premonition. Arie already was a stand-in for Marc in Apeldoorn, and he volunteered to join us on vocals. Other news is, that some parts of the site have been updated.