PLUSMINUS guarantees solid hardrock covers with an unpolished sound. The band plays hard rock as it should be : powerful and enthusiastic! The varied repertoire of Plusminus includes songs from AC/DC, Thin Lizzy, The Cult, KISS, Airbourne and Ramones. Plusminus is a seasoned band, with experienced musicians from Harderwijk (Gelderland). Most of them started their musical career in the metal scene
Some will know the energetic lead and rhythm guitarist Erik Sprooten of black metal band Ancient Rites. Others may know Erik the recently reformed xtreme thrash metal band Inquisitor. Erik was a rather short-lived band member of Plusminus, but since 2002 he is a permanent member of Plusminus.
Singer Arie Kampman is a member of Plusminus since December 2006. He is a former vocalist of death metal band Houwitser and did the vocals on the Embrace Damnation album. Besides Plusminus, Arie sings in a metal cover band called The Handsome Six, as well as in a new cover project with members of extreme death metal band Art Of Premonition (RIP). In Plusminus Arie sings very versatile and does obviously no death growls.
Bassist Alex Bakker has been part of Plusminus before and also joined forces with Erik in Inquisitor again. Alex is a regular member since 2002 and on stage he regularly turns into an animal.
Halfway through 2005, Chiel joined Plusminus on drums. Due to his enthusiasm it will occasionally occurr that pieces of the cymbals fly off. Besides Plusminus, Chiel also drums in The Handsome Six (formerly death metal band Sublustris), together with Arie.
Last but not least : Peter Jung, lead and rhythm guitarist. Peter is the only remaining original band member of Plusminus. He is the tower of strength of the band. He is (hard) rock guitarist at heart and plays like most members of Plusminus in another band : Lapdog Bluesband.
In short, the current line-up of Plusminus is:

Arie Kampman : Vocals
Peter Jung : Lead/Rhythm/Slide Guitar
Erik Sprooten : Lead/Rhythm/Slide Guitar
Alex Bakker : Bass
Chiel Lozeman : Drums